Carbon Measurement & Certification

Measurement and certification of carbon sequestration of the preserved area.

Our partners are veteran project developer focused on carbon that offers

knowledge, methodology, and management of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission

reduction initiatives to actively combat the climate crisis under

Article 6 of the Paris Agreement and aligning with the 2030 Agenda and

its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). We leads our carbon

measurement, audits, validation, and verification initiatives.


The certification of carbon sequestration is done by reputable

certifiers, with a carbon certification standard, which facilitates and

guarantees the registration of Climate Change Mitigation Projects

(CCMPs), the certification of emissions and the registration of carbon

credits generated by these projects.


Traditional and digital carbon credits trading.

Our partners leads the trading initiative. They are a financial firm

that integrates technical, economic, and environmental solutions.


Their carbon market services include carbon credit transactions,

brokerage and new carbon markets.


Cutting-edge satellite monitoring to ensure the integrity of the preserved areas

Monitoring is led by our partner Satellogic, a leading provider of high-resolution and high-frequency satellite imagery and geospatial data to governments and commercial customers worldwide. They provide multispectral imagery updated four times per day allowing for precision monitoring of the natural environment with sub-meter resolutions.


Their SuperResolution offering enhances the spatial resolution of their multispectral imagery to 70 cm using proprietary processing techniques. This improves the clarity of the original image without disrupting the integrity of radiometric values—creating a product optimized for machine learning and AI applications.

Extended Services

 City Carbon Assessment

Through our partnerships with Clarity and Aclima we measure pollution data at a granular level to manage it.

Clarity, a seven-year-old inclusive air quality monitoring hardware, software, and service company that measures air pollution. The Clarity sensors compare the data between nodes and government reference stations to indicate which parts of the city are the most problematic and to be a data point for implementing decarbonization solutions. The Clarity nodes use the best-in-class technology to measure PM, NO2, and other particulates, bringing awareness to the community's current air quality state and change throughout the 24 months. The sensor is solar-powered and includes a battery system that supports the node for up to 15 days of operation without sunlight. We use Clarity's dashboard to manage, visualize, and analyze the sensor network.


Our second partner, Aclima, has pioneered an entirely new way to measure and analyze air pollution and greenhouse gases, block by block and around the world. The Aclima hardware and software technology platform translates billions of scientific measurements from its network of stationary and roving sensors into Aclima Environmental Intelligence™ for governments, businesses, and communities.



City Project Design, Funding, and Implementation

We assess, design, co-fund, and implement net-zero buildings and electric mobility. The renewable energy credits of urban decarbonization contribute to local wealth creation.

This service is brought in partnership with The Energy Coalition (TEC), a

California-based nonprofit with over 45 years of experience designing and implementing programs and strategies that transform energy use and empower communities to act.


TEC’s expertise cover the following


- Program design and project implementation: TEC thinks five steps ahead of the ever-changing energy landscape, innovating cutting-edge solutions that transform energy use and generate capital.


- Marketing and outreach: Using proven marketing and stakeholder engagement strategies, TEC conducts full outreach campaigns to develop brands and motivate communities to take sustainable actions.


- Education and workforce development: TEC is a statewide provider of

award-winning education programs for elementary and middle school students, inspiring organizations, schools, and communities to become change agents for a sustainable future.


- Policy and master planning: Through partnerships like the Advanced Energy Community project, TEC promotes health, social equity, and environmental justice, ensuring that disadvantaged communities have equal access to the clean energy they need to thrive in our quickly changing energy economy.



City decarbonization management and impact report

Using a data-driven decarbonization protocol, we compute an impact index accessible in real-time.

This service is brought in partnership with Community Electricity, a technology company building a data-driven protocol that integrates hardware, software, and network for communities to accelerate their transition to decentralized and decarbonized energy systems.


CE uses a data-driven decarbonization protocol – a new social and economic community system. Their approach incentivizes community members to decarbonize and electrify. CE records granular data points to compute and optimize efficiencies across the network, using digital identity from a Blockchain backbone. The historical evolution of these data points allows CE to calculate an Impact Index quantifying the improvement of innovation zones.


CE combines an energy management platform with connected assets and devices, making personalized production, consumption, and monetization data the pillar of localization and decarbonization efforts. CE’s programs and applications are used to implement and orchestrate clean, localized energy production while monetizing energy surplus and carbon reduction.

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