About Us

Meet our Leadership Team.

Sebastian Torres


Chief Executive Officer


Co-Founder Global Carbon Parks.

Conservation Biologist.

Carbon Standards Expert.

Systemics & Cybernetics.

Founder Biota ThinkTank  Ltd.



Guillermo Merletti


Chief Research Officer


Forestry Engineer.

Precision Forestry Master.

Remote Technology Specialist.

Carbon Management Expert.

Senior Researcher I.N.T.A.



Esteban Gomez Omil


Chief Information Officer


Computer Engineer.

Information Technology Master.

New Technologies Master.

Agile Project Management.

Founder Freemoni SmartCoin.


Meet our Board of Directors.

Santiago Maldonado



Founder  Ethic International.

Co-Founder Open Market Inversiones.

Business Management.

Green Investment Advisor.

Finance Advisor.



Juan Fermin Rodriguez

President and Executive Director


Founder & Chairman of Kingo.

Raised +$50MM in Equity and Debt Capital.

Scaled Company to +60K customers in LATAM.

Frontier Market and Technology Expert.

Sustainability Specialist.


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