Conservation Economics.


We are a Climate ReFi with the mission to incentivize countries, regions, and cities to increase forest preservation and accelerate decarbonization.

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We develop, certify, and convert carbon storage and sequestration into tradable and liquid commodities.

Through private-public partnerships, we transform protected areas into natural equity.

By retro-funding local communities, we empower them to deploy clean energy systems and partake in overall decarbonization.

Governmental Agreements under Protected Areas as of today



in custody

We are working for 30% of protected areas by 2030


Protected Areas: 253,368*

*Statistics updated: June 2021

A True Circular Decarbonization System

Traceability. Immutability. Transparency.

Latin America and Africa concentrate the greatest biodiversity in the world and are the most advanced towards achieving the Aichi biodiversity targets; Latin America with 22% of the land area and 8.5% of the marine and coastal zones preserved in government protected areas, and Africa with 14.12% and 17.06% respectively.

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CPX is Global Carbon Parks' new subsidiary that enables native landowners through our carbon marketplace, powered by the most advanced measurement technology on the planet, to quantify under new methodology that accelerate carbon credit transactions.

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Our Process

Economic incentives for governments to increase protected areas

Fair carbon price for

Latin America  and Africa

Certified by the most reliable

in the global market

Satellite monitoring with blockchain and alarms in case

of deforestation or fires

Innovative legal instrument to accelerate conservation and decarbonization

New measurement based on carbon storage for digital carbon credits

Certification & Delivery







Information Registry on Blockchain.

Ensuring Credit's Origin

For each validation, verification, and issuance process, an identity-checked signature from the responsible party is required, and a fixed fingerprint of the documentation that supports the process is saved on our Blockchain ledger.



Satellite Monitoring

Secure Carbon Credits




Carbon and Methane Unit

Manage forest lands, assets, and capital allocation

Get control over forest land use and track the evolution of any area frequently.

Define carbon stocks and fluxes for government reporting

Empirical models deliver a time series of carbon fluxes on a national and subnational scale.

Prevent theft and illegal harvesting

Receive geo-alerts about impacted areas and their sizes anytime we detect changes.

Assess forest-stand variables

Optimize your business operations and dynamically estimate forest-stand variables such as volume, yield, height, basal area, and DBH using predictive models.

Intellectual Property empowered by Allies

VVB Satellite®

A G.C.P. and  Satellogic Joint Venture to create the first satellite verification system under a Carbon Standard, combining Satellite Imagery, GHG Sensors and AI to accelerate and scale  carbon markets.




Methodology created by G.C.P.’s Forestry Division that ensures accurate accounting of carbon forest stocks. Powered by AI.




We are the first start-up in history to tokenize under government agreements the carbon credits from protected areas, with the security of smart contracts and a Trust that  guarantees funding according to compliance.



Earth NFT®

The beauty of quantifying earth’s last lungs and transform them into art, to protect humanity’s last great natural capital. Our NFTs are made with the unique gaze of ClimateEye´s low altitude satellites.



Understanding Carbon Markets

Global Carbon Parks Consortium awarded for its nature-based solution at COP26

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